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Friday Blips from Illinois

Gubernatorial Race

In a truly symbolic move for his tenure as Governor, Pat Quinn decides to tear down a major landmark in Illinois just because he can.

Quinn also goes after Bill Brady for having an economic agenda that’s more detailed than voters fully understand. 

Meanwhile, Quinn has some shady economic dealings to account for.

And former Governor Jim Edgar thinks Bill Brady isn’t enough of a fiscal conservative to balance the budget.

But Mitt Romney thinks he is, and will stump for him and Mark Kirk soon.

Senatorial Race

Giannoulias tries to bully Kirk over his no vote on Obama’s botched “small business” bill.

lllinois Statehouse News comments on the oddity of a race where the two candidates are running in a special election and a general election simultaneously.

And the Chicago Sun-Times leaks the following excerpt of Romney’s speech on behalf of Kirk:

“As a businessman, I understand what it takes to create jobs and grow our economy. Like me, Mark Kirk is a fiscal conservative – he has been endorsed by job creators like the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business.”Kirk has a Small Business Bill of Rights that will help create a pro-job, pro-growth environment and common sense ideas to curb the reckless spending.”The fact is our economy is at a crossroads with Illinois facing higher unemployment than the national average. Illinois must elect a Senator with the experience and policies to control spending and put people back to work.”

House Races

Jan Schakowsky continues to run interference on the United States economy.


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