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Good Morning, Florida

  • Two Florida Congressional candidates, Steve Southerland in the 2nd district and Sandy Adams in the 24th district, were endorsed by Sarah Palin’s PAC yesterday as part of a new “Take Back the 20″ initiative. The targets are 20 districts McCain and Palin won in 2008, whose Democratic representatives then went on to vote for President Obama’s health care reform bill. A spokesman for the Southerland campaign told Battle ‘10 that they have not been contacted by the PAC, so it’s unclear at this point whether Palin’s support comes with anything beyond rhetoric.


  • PolitiFact gives one of the claims in Charlie Crist’s new ad a “pants on fire” rating. The Orlando Sentinel meanwhile, says Crist set a flip-flop record for telling its editorial board one thing, and then changing his mind mere hours later.


  • Joe Biden will be at a fundraiser in Miami today, with $500,000 estimated as the Florida Democratic Party’s take. Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, who has been repeatedly hit by her opponent Rick Scott over her support for the stimulus and other White House agenda items, is keeping her distance.


  • Daniel Webster, facing down liberal giant Alan Grayson in the eighth district, is out with a new campaign ad, which — hey! — cites National Review. My guess is it’s this post on the number of private-sector jobs lost since the stimulus bill, since the date and number align.


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