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Hickenlooper Releases ‘Rodeo’ Ad

“Everybody tells me I have to ride a horse in a political ad,” says Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper:

Hickenlooper, known for his “eclectic” ads (including diving out of an airplane for a tax increase), touts the usual business and government credentials. He also plays on the Western theme in this particular piece, as he has done since launching his campaign in January after Gov. Bill Ritter decided not to run for reelection.

“What is ultimately the opposite of woe? Well it’s gitty-up. And right now it’s truly gitty-up time in Colorado,” he said at the time.


Hickenlooper and his Republican opponent, Dan Maes, have pledged to campaign and “engage each other on the issues” and eschew “personal attacks.” With Maes at just 15 percent in the most recent poll, Hickenlooper has now turned his attention to Tom Tancredo, who trails the Denver Mayor 44 to 34.


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