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Huffington Post Rallies to Save the Socialists

HuffPo has a particularly hysterical op-ed out today by Howie Klein of McGill University talking about how “Blue America” must do everything in their power to keep Mary Jo Kilroy in the House, otherwise we’ll never get real socialism:

Sunday, The Hill, while not explaining their methodology, weighed in with their picks for the 10 most endangered House Democratic freshmen, thereby letting Djou and Cao off the embarrassing hook.

The one liberal the loose-lipped DCCC leaky staffer threw under the bus is Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH)[…]

Mary Jo Kilroy can win this race, and must win this race. For anyone who wasn’t with Blue America in 2008 when we helped her defeat Stivers the first time, let me tell you a little about her. Mary Jo Kilroy is one of us. She is personally progressive and her freshman term was spent creating the strongest possible Wall Street reform law.[…]

Mary Jo is a strong supporter of the public option and has been one of the most vocal members on protecting Social Security. She was an original co-signer on the Grijalva letter to stop the cat food commission from enacting any cuts to Social Security benefits. She is also steadfast in her support of repealing the Bush tax cuts on the 2% richest Americans and we anticipate that she will be vocal in her support for the repeal this September.

Her opponent isn’t just your run of the mill Republican either. He probably represents the worst of what we hate about elitist governance. He’s a former banking lobbyist with a history of callously putting the desires of big special interests ahead of everyone else. One time, as a state Senator he registered his opposition to a bill to give consumers protection from predatory lending practices by saying, “You can’t take away peoples’ ability to screw up their own financial situation.”

Yes, how dare Steve Stivers support personal responsibility. We must put a stop to it at once.


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