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Illinois Morning Roundup

Gubernatorial Race

  • Pat Quinn is out with a new attack against Bill Brady for…not owing taxes over the past two years? Huh?

  • The Journal Star says Quinn is “making it easy”  for Brady to walk away with the governor’s mansion.

  • Meanwhile, legislators are perturbed to varying degrees over Pat Quinn’s decision to climb into bed with the unions and put budgetary constraint to the wind.

  • And Pat Quinn is evidently in high dudgeon over Bill Brady, who is still trouncing him in the polls.

Senatorial Race

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House Races

  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Democrat of IL-9, continues to show her willingness to shill for the administration despite its unpopularity.

  • And Democrat Rep. Debbie Halvorson (IL-11) is fighting for dear life against Tea Party Republican Adam Kinzinger. Hey, she could always call him Hitler, because that worked well the other 9,000 times she’s done it.

  • Meanwhile, in IL-10, a familiar story is forming, with unions backing Democrat Dan Seals, and retailers uniting behind Republican Bob Dold. Class warfare, anyone?


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