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Illinois Tuesday Morning Roundup

Gubernatorial Race

Senatorial Race

  • Mark Kirk complains about voter apathy in the Senate race, but thinks the race will get much hotter when voters realize the U.S. Senate is actually at stake, guys. Seriously.

  • Meanwhile, Kirk backtracks on TARP, saying he now wants it returned, while Alexi Giannoulias accuses him of flip-flopping on the issue.

  • Hey, at least Kirk’s tough on crime — he doesn’t want Illinois’s disgraced former Republican governor released from prison early.

  • Meanwhile, The Hill complains that no one in this election cycle (Mark Kirk included) is honest about their resume.

  • But whatever his resume says, Kirk definitely wants tax cuts.

  • By contrast, Alexi Giannoulias seems to think it’s a good idea to trot out fossils to prove how forward-thinking he is:

A feminist icon is coming to Chicago to support Alexi Giannoulias’s bid for U.S. Senate.

Gloria Steinem, a leader in the women’s liberation movement in the 1960s and ’70s, will headline a lunch fundraiser for the Democratic candidate this Wednesday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet.

  • And Frum Forum notes that Alexi Giannoulias has a clear enthusiasm gap…as evidenced by his lack of yard signs.


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