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Invacare Slaps Back on Nilda Ad

Bloomberg reports that Invacare, the company accused of outsourcing jobs in a recent anti-Kasich ad by Governor Ted Strickland, has some choice words for the Strickland campaign:

Invacare is a medical equipment maker based in Elyria, west of Cleveland. It says in a statement that it has been attacked by its home state governor and is “very disappointed.” It says the 2006 restructuring strengthened the company, allowing it to rehire laid-off workers.

UPDATE: Invacare spokeswoman Lara Mahoney recently gave Battle ‘10 the hard numbers regarding Invacare’s job growth since 2006:

“Our head count in Ohio was 1239 associates in 2006. Our lowest point hit in 2007 at 1195 associates. As of today, we’re at 1379 associates. We started to grow the company again and added head count after 2007.”

My guess is that Nilda Ramos’s husband isn’t going to be in a prime position to benefit from this economic growth, however…


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