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Joe Heck Goes After Titus on Tax Cuts

Today, Dr. Joe Heck, fiscal conservative and Republican candidate for NV-3, commented on the state’s 14.4 percent jobless rate for the month of August. 

“The rise in our state’s unemployment is further evidence that the Titus/Pelosi/Obama ‘Recovery Summer’ was nothing more than Washington, D.C., summer rhetoric,” said Heck.

Heck said he believes the economy lacks any sort of “defined path for recovery” in large part because of a partisan, re-election focused Congress.

Heck strongly criticized Dina Titus’ refusal to take a stand on a full extension of the 2001 and 2003 middle-class tax cuts, saying it is another example of “her unwillingness to buck party leadership and fight for the best interests of our southern Nevada businesses.”

“The permanent extension of these tax cuts for American families is the foundation for a real recovery in southern Nevada,” added Heck.


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