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Kanjorski Calls Barletta ‘Failed Mayor’ In Hazleton

Paul Kanjorski, 25-year incumbent Democrat in Pennsylvania’s 11th district, has launched his first ad against third-time challenger Lou Barletta. Barletta serves as mayor of Hazleton, a city in the district which came into the national spotlight thanks to Barletta’s high profile struggles to deter illegal immigrants.

The district is nearly 75 percent urban, and median income is just under $35,000. In the ad, Kanjorski takes aim at Barletta’s leadership in Hazleton, calling him a “failed mayor” for enacting income and property tax hikes.

The ad also notes a 15.6 percent unemployment rate.

Barletta fired back an official response, noting that the “unemployment rate here in Kanjorski’s congressional district is the highest in the state”. Barletta blamed “Hollywood executives and left-wing activists” for supporting Kanjorski’s campaign.

Calls to Barletta’s campaign from Battle ‘10 were unsuccessful, with voicemail noting the staff “was out campaigning.”


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