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Keystone Friday Morning Update

  • Pat Toomey has started criticizing taxes on medical devices. The Obama administration’s universal medical insurance legislation will impose a 2.3 percent tax on high tech devices.

  • Hate crimes are back in the news as another issue dividing Pat Toomey and Joe Sestak. Toomey has characterized “hate crimes” as “an attempt to criminalize thought.”

  • President Obama will speak in Philadelphia next Tuesday at the Masterman School, an elite grammar/high school which boasts improved test scores over the past eight years.

  • Pat Toomey is wrapping up a strong week as his campaign sprints toward November. Toomey was endorsed by the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police on Tuesday, and former Governor Tom Ridge yesterday.

  • Democrat Rep. Pat Murphy, representing the 8th district in Bucks County in Southeastern Pennsylvania, is expecting a very tight re-match against former Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick.

  • Dan Onorato, Democrat candidate for governor, wants to impose a new tax on natural gas extraction, to protect the environment from potential disasters.


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