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Keystone Friday Wrap-Up

  • Sarah Palin’s PAC has endorsed Tom Marino in Pennsylvania’s 11th district. Marino is facing incumbent blue-dog Chris Carney. While Marino has been weighed down in recent weeks by political baggage from his time as a U.S. attorney, Palin’s endorsement is one of only 20 she’s launched nationally and should help him consolidate what looks like a victory in the making.

  • Pat Toomey signed a pledge this week with American Family Business Institute to permanently repeal the death tax, saying that the tax costs thousands of jobs despite impacting only a small portion of the population.

  • Stu Rothenberg writes: “When you add Republican enthusiasm, the midterm dynamic and money, the GOP top of the ticket looks strong in the Keystone State.” He adds the Tom Corbett should win his governor’s race comfortably and asks a good question: “Who will vote for Corbett as well as Democratic Senate nominee Joe Sestak?”

  • CQ Politics writes that “time is running out” for Joe Sestak to attract independents and undecideds to his campaign, now with fewer than 40 days until Nov. 2. CQ Politics joins the Washington Post this week in moving the race from Toss Up to Lean Republican.

  • The Associated Press profiled Joe Sestak at a recent campaign stop in Central Pennsylvania at the Grange Fair. Sestak, who jogged for much of the fair parade meeting voters, asked, “Have you had a senator run in your parade before? I’m going to term-limit myself to where I can’t run in a parade anymore,” joked the 58 year-old congressman. “That’ll be two terms.”


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