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Keystone Monday Morning Update

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a profile piece on Tom Corbett yesterday, which explains his popularity by contrasting his humble job-creating and deficit-killing demeanor to that of his “larger than life” predecessor, outgoing Gov. Ed Rendell. The take-away line: “Each candidate is personable enough, but neither lights up a room with a million and one ideas as Rendell did — a plus this year for taxpayers, since big ideas often cost big bucks.”

  • Jason Altmire, endangered Democrat in western Pennsylvania’s 4th district, has launched a new ad that takes aim at his attorney-opponent Keith Rothfus. Rothfus represented Bank of New York — which received TARP money — and is running his campaign against Altmire by protesting such government spending. But Altmire himself is a beneficiary of that bank — it donated $10,000 to his campaign. Rothfus’s take: “To criticize me for doing legitimate work for a company that employs thousands of Pennsylvanians while he takes $10,000 from the same company is the height of hypocrisy.”

  • Pat Meehan must be smiling. Meehan is the Republican running in southeastern Pennsylvania’s 7th district against Obama-endorsed Bryan Lentz. And while no major polls have been released for the race, the Cook Political Report has just moved the race from “Toss Up” to “Leans Republican.”

  • The Tauton Daily Gazette looks at Bill Clinton’s time on the campaign trail, stumping for embattled Democrats. Clinton has come to Pennsylvania for Joe Sestak twice, as well as Dan Onorato. Terry Madonna, pollster at Franklin & Marshall, described the former president this way: “He’s the one Democrat you can take anywhere. You can take him to blue-collar workers, on campus or to urban areas.”

  • Dan Onorato stumped in Delaware County this weekend, mimicking his opponent’s message by promising jobs if elected governor. Onorato is down 15 points in the latest poll to Republican Tom Corbett.


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