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Keystone Thursday Afternoon Update

  • Grover Norquist and Pat Gleason write in Politico today that a comprehensive energy tax would “thwart Pennsylvania’s gold rush” by deterring investment. Marcellus Shale, a natural gas formation in Pennsylvania, could be the second largest natural gas formation in the world, and is rapidly becoming a major issue for job growth in the Keystone State.

  • Tom Corbett has latched onto the argument that Dan Onorato would be a continuation of Ed Rendell’s deficit-exploding policies if voters put him in the governor’s mansion. Corbett leads Onorato by ten points according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

  • Paul Kanjorski, embattled Democrat and long-time incumbent in Pennsylvania’s northeastern 11th district, it hitting Lou Barletta for his previous calls to privatize Social Security. Kanjorski is casting himself as a savior of the elderly, much like he cast himself as a savior of the world in remarks last week.

  • Tom Corbett has launched a clever, daily feature called “50 ways to rebuild PA,” wherein his campaign is releasing one new policy solution every day in the final 50 days of the election season. So far, the three points focus on “empowering parents” in education, appointing an “advocate” for small business, and, most importantly, reducing the cost of all state government operations by 10 percent.

  • A commentary piece in the Harrisburg Patriot-News on why Pat Toomey fits Pennsylvania “to a Tea.”

  • Dan Onorato hit Tom Corbett today on his “no new taxes” pledge, imputing that Corbett has been disingenuous in his description of his time as attorney general. Still, no word on how Onorato will close a burgeoning budget gap — without raising taxes — while remaining beholden to his public union endorsers.


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