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Keystone Wednesday Morning Update

  • Joe Sestak is still complaining that Pat Toomey is leading in the polls. These days, Sestak is running from the Democratic Party, even as he leads the ticket.

  • Mike Fitzpatrick is getting a boost in the southeastern PA-8 (Bucks County). The National Republican Congressional Committee added his opponent, Pat Murphy, to its target list.

  • On the heels of a weekend dust-up over which candidate is playing the “race card,” Democrat Manan Trivedi has unveiled his first ad, wherein he proposes a congressional pay cut. Republican incumbent Jim Gerlach is favored to retain this seat.

  • Extending the “but things would’ve been much worse without the stimulus” meme, Democrat Paul Kanjorski has gone apocalyptic in an effort to characterize his opponent Lou Barletta as unequipped for office. Kanjorski said, “If we didn’t do what we did, we wouldn’t be in the United States today.”

  • Tom Corbett, Republican gubernatorial hopeful and current attorney general, is profiled in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Famed former governor Dick Thornburgh has got his back, saying, “It is legitimate to call him a reformer.”


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