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At Least It Wasn’t the Volt…

Ted Strickland attended the launch party for the new Chevrolet Cruze this morning, and if this story in the Youngstown Business Journal is any guide, the Democrats trying to make this car a metaphor for their entire election campaign in Ohio:

Democratic officeholders at Wednesday’s ceremony marking the launch of the new Chevrolet Cruze appeared to road test their theme for the midterm elections — the consequences of restoring power to Republicans who opposed bailing out the domestic auto industry.

Visiting the General Motors Lordstown Complex for the public debut of the Cruze, a few hours before heading to Parma for a speech on the economy by President Obama, Gov. Ted Strickland and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown seized the political opportunity.

“We made the decision to invest taxpayers dollars here and it’s clearly made a difference,” Brown, D-Ohio, said. “The same conservative politicians who said ‘no’ to investing taxpayer dollars in GM are saying that they should run the country and run this state again. It’s that group of people” — GOP U.S. Senate nominee Rob Portman, gubernatorial candidate John Kasich and Mike DeWine, running for attorney general — “that put us into this economic difficulty with their governing the first part of this decade, and we don’t want to turn backwards.”


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