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Maes Campaign Responds to TV Ad, Polling Downturn

In an exclusive interview with Battle ‘10, Dan Maes campaign spokesman Nate Strauch sought to respond to a few of the major developments in the gubernatorial race between the Republican candidate and opponents John Hickenlooper (D) and Tom Tancredo (ACP).

Strauch began with Tom Tancredo’s new TV ad — where former Maes supporter Freda Poundstone accuses the Republican of lies and deception.

“The ad is unfortunate. Tom is choosing to go after a fellow conservative rather than focus on the tax-and-spend liberal in this race. It speaks to Tom’s character that he’s willing to exploit an 83-year-old woman for his personal political gain,” Strauch told Battle ‘10.

The campaign had no comment on Poundstone’s participation in the making of the ad.

Strauch addressed the Rasmussen Reports poll that showed Maes with only 21 percent of the vote, taken earlier this week, before the new ad from his opponent debuted.

“There is no candidate in the country that could have undergone the kind of onslaught from the media that Dan’s seen over the past two weeks and not taken a hit in the poll. So it was certainly expected,” said Strauch. He continued, “But now that that’s behind us, we certainly believe we’ll be moving up in the polls from here on out, and as traditional polling trends show, the third-party candidate almost always falls by the wayside the closer you get to the election.”

In an effort to buff up the campaign’s organization, the Maes campaign recently announced the addition of George Culpepper as campaign manager, a veteran of one-time Maes rival Scott McInnis’s campaign.

“We’re going to be very focused going forward and Dan’s going to keep doing what got him here and that’s going out to every event he can, meeting with people, letting them hear his vision for the state, and how he plans to create jobs,” Strauch said. “George is going to be an important tool in allowing us to do that,” he concluded.

Finally, Maes has sparked some media interest with the promise of a “little surprise” last week that has yet to come to fruition.

Strauch remained open to the possibility of the news breaking, but would not reveal the exact nature of the announcement.

“It’s certainly possible that it could happen. We’ve been told that it eventually will. We have no idea as to the time frame that that would happen in,” said Strauch.


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