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McMahon, Blumenthal React to Poll

Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon’s campaigns are reacting to Quinnipiac University’s latest poll showing McMahon trailing Blumenthal by only six points. McMahon’s spokesman, Ed Patru, says in a statement:

“Connecticut voters are anxious about the state of the economy and frustrated that the career politicians just don’t get it. They are moving toward Linda because she gets it. She’s been a working mother who’s had to balance raising a family with a career; she’s been bankrupt and she’s started over. She doesn’t have to pretend she knows what’s it’s like to experience economic anxiety and hardship, because she’s actually lived it. And unlike the career politicians, she doesn’t have to pretend she understands how small businesses create jobs because she’s actually built a business and created jobs. She has the right kinds of experience, right now.”

Meanwhile, Mindy Myers, Blumenthal’s campaign manager, says:

“We’ve always believed this was going to be a tough election, and, that the people of Connecticut will reject Linda McMahon’s $50 million attack machine and her attempt to whitewash her record of putting profits ahead of people. . . . We’re confident that on Election Day the people of Connecticut will choose Dick Blumenthal, the only candidate in this race with a record of standing up, fighting, and winning for the people of Connecticut and putting their interests first.”


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