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Mid-day Blurbs from Nevada

A few items of interest from this morning’s headlines as well as some weekend notes:

  • Hotline ranks Nevada’s senate race as Number 8 on its most-likely-to-change-hands senate race list. Here’s their brief assessment:

There’s no weaker incumbent in the country than Reid. Then again, there’s probably no weaker challenger in a seriously competitive race than Sharron Angle. The election will be a race to the bottom; with the Senate majority leader and the former state assemblywoman polling about even, the winner will probably be the candidate who can push his or her rival to the heights of unfavorability. With two gaffe-prone candidates, there’s no telling where this race will be at the end of October.

  • Nevada’s newest special-interest group–the unemployed–are being courted by the unions as well as the two parties.

  • The AFL-CIO is targeting Angle and others with negative mailers throughout key races around the country.

  • Angle supporter and former GOP senate candidate Danny Tarkanian chimed in with his two cents on “Second Amendment remedies” on a talk show over the weekend.

  • Nevada Department of Corrections Director takes issue with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid’s claims of $150 million in savings via prison cuts in his budget plan

  • The most recent Mason-Dixon poll shows Rory Reid still down by double digits, 52-36. However, the 16 point difference is an improvement for Reid, who was down by 22 percentage points in the last survey by the same pollster. 

  • The Rory Reid campaign turns an old newspaper clipping about Sandoval’s position on school vouchers into a cute web ad accompanied by a Huey Lewis soundtrack song.

  • This semi-spoof auto dealer ad contains an allusion to the Silver State’s father-son team.

  • A New York Times pens an op-ed on the “ingratitude” of the National Rifle Association to Harry Reid.

  • Dick Morris is soliciting donations in order to help a conservative group get this Reid-Angle ad up on television.


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