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Mid-day Nevada Nuggets

  • Harry Reid says he likes his internal polls better than the recent surveys by professional pollsters. 

  • A Michigan blogger waxes snarky about Harry “Green Energy” Reid and his entourage arriving at the recent Clean Energy Summit in a small fleet of gas-guzzling, pollution-emitting SUVs.  

  • Sharron Angle’s skepticism on climate change is mentioned (and lamented) in a NPR/New Republic piece on global warming.

  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval repeatedly distanced himself from Sharron Angle in a recent television interview, saying, “She has her positions, I have mine.” Sandoval has every reason to stay above the fray: He has been leading by double-digits in the polls since handily defeating incumbent Republican governor Jim Gibbons in the primary. 

  • Karl Rove does not heart Harry Reid, and American Crossroads is putting their money where Rove’s mouth is in the form of advertisements intended to influence Nevada’s senate race.

  • Dina Titus is super popular in NV-3, according to this new campaign ad:


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