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Momentum: Toomey Takes The High Ground

Pat Toomey has debuted two new television ads which hit the airwaves this week.

“Focus” and “Bailout” represent a deft maneuver to stake out new, positive ground, even as Toomey enjoys a 6-10 point lead over Joe Sestak.

Featuring his family and newborn child in the first ad, Toomey typifies the type of “concerned but hopeful” mindset so prevalent among Tea Partiers.

In his second ad, he tackles his Wall Street career head-on, saying he learned “way back then, Wall Street is the last place that should ever get a taxpayer bailout.” Cue a voiceover intoning over Joe Sestak’s bailout vote.

It’s tough not to get the sense that Joe Sestak seems increasingly outmaneuvered. 


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