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Morning Brew from Nevada

Some quick hits from the Silver State:

  • See item seven from Politico’s Morning Score for an example of the intersection of media and politics and the personalities that make it fun. Battle ‘10 has reached out to the Angle campaign for an update on the canceled debate and will report here with updates.

  • A Las Vegas publisher last week did a profile on gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid and his budget plan which includes (he says) not raising or reforming taxes. Reid has been tacking to the right during his campaign and is not in step with many Nevada Democrats who say the state state tax structure is too volatile and needs to be reformed.

  • President Bill Clinton will stump for Rory Reid in Las Vegas next week.

  • Dina Titus is defending the misleading ads against Joe Heck in NV-3. The negative, selectively edited ads have been widely criticized by both watchdog groups and political analysts.

  • The president of Citizen Outreach, a Nevada non-profit public policy grassroots advocacy organization, says two lines of attack on Sharron Angle are way off base.The criticisms center on her time in the state assembly.


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