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Nevada Afternoon Round-up

From the news and opinion wires today:

  • Las Vegas was once the fastest growing city in the nation. Now, people are leaving. Communications director for the Sharron Angle campaign, Jarrod Agen, found a way to work news of the exodus into his morning newsletter entitled “Harry Reid Spurs U-Haul Business.”

  • Another Nevada Republican endorses Harry Reid and gets press coverage as well as star billing in multiple Reid campaign press releases. Team Reid is keeping track of his GOP endorsements here.

  • Four percent of Americans think Harry Reid is a Supreme Court justice.

  • The voter enthusiasm gap is key in the Nevada senate race. So says The Fix which takes a look at Reuters numbers based on registered vs. likely voters.

  • Nevada’s conservative think tank takes apart Rory Reid’s budget proposal and says he has “more work to do.”


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