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Nevada Evening Appetizers

  • File this one under “You Can’t Make It Up.” Apparently the Rory Reid campaign’s attack on Brian Sandoval for being in the back pocket of big banks is even sillier than we thought. As pointed out earlier on BATTLE ‘10, Reid works for a law firm – Lionel, Sawyer & Collins – that has numerous big business and bank clients. Now we find out the bill for which former President Clinton criticized Sandoval at Reid’s rally Wednesday was helped along by one of Reid’s own law partners. Yes, really. According to the LVRJ, Clinton said Sandoval sponsored a bill to “deregulate banking so that they could do here what happened in New York and all over America. I don’t think that is a good idea.” It is true that Sandoval sponsored Assembly Bill 360 when he was in the state legislature, but according to hearing minutes mined from that year–as well as the Lionel, Sawyer & Collins website–the person responsible for the major prep on the project was Dan Reasor, a partner in the firm.

  • Sharron Angle did an interview with the Washington Post when she was in D.C. today. She talked about numerous issues including limited government, Social Security, and the Department of Eduction, so be sure to read it. She also mentioned something a many folks probably don’t know: Karl Rove lived in Sparks, Nevada as a child.

  • And in case you missed it, she did an interview with Bill O’Reilly yesterday in which she appeared pretty polished.

  • FiveThirtyEight now has Angle up over Reid by a smidgen.

  • Joe Heck and Dina Titus have agreed to three debates the week before early voting begins in Nevada. The debate on Thursday, October 14, happens at PBS, just after the one-and-only (so far) Angle-Reid debate.

  • Danny Tarkanian may have put his foot in it regarding the FEC complaint about coordination between his independent expenditure group and the Angle campaign that BATTLE ‘10 told you about earlier today. Tarkanian said the complaint was “baseless” but then today told a talk radio host that Sharron Angle’s campaign had asked him to speak at an event, which he agreed to do, which would seem to indicate that they, well, coordinated. We’ll have to see if the devil is in the details as this plays out.


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