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Nevada Gov Race Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

The story of Rory Reid’s quasi-desperate campaign to gain traction against frontrunner Republican Brian Sandoval has gotten even sillier. If you lived in (or covered politics in) Nevada yesterday, you might think you had fallen down a rabbit hole into a surreal world of chess-board characters who say strange things and move in unexpected ways. 

Dan Reaser, the Reno attorney who is Rory Reid’s law firm colleague and who wrote the legislation that’s tarred in Reid’s latest negative ad, has told Jon Ralston the bill is innocent of all charges.

Reid’s allegations include that his law partner’s bill “crashed the economy,” “had devastating consequences,” and cost Nevada taxpayers $1.2 billion. Reaser disagrees. He said the measure simply allowed smaller financial institutions to compete with big banks by updating outdated statutory language and resolving disparities between the corporate and banking codes.

Reaser insisted that the bill has been “great” for the economy, pointing to the large number of small community banks that have sprung up since the legislation passed and saying it put small financial institutions on “better footing.” He added that the banking bill had “nothing to do with the excesses of 2007″ and said Reid’s ad campaign is inaccurate to call it a “regulation” bill.

As has been reported previously here on Battle ‘10, Reaser and Reid are now partners in the prestigious law firm Lionel, Sawyer & Collins. Reaser wrote Assembly Bill 360 back in 1997 (prior to Reid’s employ). Sandoval was the sole sponsor, and the bill passed the legislature unanimously.

Despite all the disavowals of this ad, including this one from Reid’s own law firm colleague, the word from inside the Rory Reid campaign is that they will continue to beat this drum and will be out with another ad in their Big Bank series this week.

Brian Sandoval is apparently getting tired of it because he is pushing back on the Reid campaign with this new ad called “Dishonest”:


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