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Never a dull moment in Nevada’s electoral battles:

  • A tight race in which Harry Reid could well lose the election means much is made of who has the momentum. Angle is lately turning the dialogue to the economy at every chance, as evidenced when asked a question about her “domestic enemies” in Congress statement:

    Certainly people who pass these kinds of policies — Obamacare, cap and trade, stimulus, bailout — they’re certainly not friends to the free market system.

    Any discussion about the economy is almost certain to have Reid on the defensive. His argument that “things could be worse” is not the catchiest campaign slogan in the land.

  • Politico has a piece on Sharron Angle’s visit to K Street next week to raise funds. Senators McConnell, Kyl, and Cornyn will also attend the D.C. event. Angle’s campaign tonight told Battle ‘10 it is pleased with fundraising progress and momentum:

The scores of people who want to get rid of Harry Reid doesn’t end at the state line. Sharron is garnering support from national figures within the Republican Party and it’s an excellent sign that our campaign is hitting its stride in both fundraising and messaging.

  • Sheriff Joe likes Sharron.

  • This press release about some hair-raising allegations against Harry Reid by a former staffer (long, long ago) has been making the rounds in one form or another for a few weeks. Angle supporter Danny Tarkanian has now chimed in and said he thinks it is credible stuff.

  • Prosecutorial pundit Jon Ralston reviewed “2nd Amendment remedies” in its original form along with Angle’s most recent answers about it (to questions asked by Jon Karl at ABC News).

  • A leaked internal poll raises a question many Nevadans stopped asking some time ago: “Can Rory win?”


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