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Nevada Morning Java

  • In case you missed it, Harry Reid called a fellow (female) colleague the “hottest member” of the Senate at a fundraiser at NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg’s house yesterday. In defense of the dumb remark, spokesman Jim Manley pointed out that Gillibrand made the The Hill’s “Most Beautiful” list and that Reid “went on to praise her skill and tenacity” and call her an “effective member of the New York delegation.” 

  • American Crossroads, the PAC launched by GOP strategists Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie in March, has for many weeks been running TV advertisements against Harry Reid in Nevada. Roll Call reports the group’s war chest of just over $7 million was bolstered by two recent million-dollar contributions by a couple of Texas moguls. If Reid loses in November, the powerful new 527 will take (and deserve) substantial credit for the defeat.

  • Sharron Angle this week spoke at a conservative coalition meeting in Salt Lake City. Sponsors of the event included the John Birch Society, the Eagle Forum and the National Center for Constitutional Studies.

  • Reid’s decision to attach the DREAM amendment to the defense-appropriations bill is part ideology, part politics. Reid already has broad Latino support in Nevada, but a Democratic candidate for the state legislature, Lucy Flores, told the Washington Post the move has rallied the Hispanic base. Mission accomplished for the Senate majority leader.

  • Some worried Democrats don’t like Reid’s choice to toss DREAM and DADT into the pre-election Senate mix.

  • CBN’s The Brody File does a weekly feature called “Five 4 Friday” that asks politicians questions having nothing to do with politics. Check out this week’s Q&A with Sharron Angle who said she’d choose to live in Kansas if she couldn’t reside in Nevada and gave a political answer when asked who she thinks are the greatest living Americans.

  • A Nevada reporter deconstructs the edits and omissions in the new Rory Reid ad we posted yesterday, echoing Battle ‘10’s “cut-and-paste” headline.


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