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New Crist Ads Try to Wash Away His Former GOP Affiliation

Charlie Crist released two new campaign ads today showing the governor using one of Florida’s white beaches to tout his independence. In the first, the words “Democrats” and “Republicans” are written in the sand, only to be washed away by the waves of bipartisanship. In the second, Crist draws a line in the sand to represent party-boss control over politicians, and then he steps right over it.

Sand, the Rubio campaign said in a colorful statement, is exactly what Crist’s arguments are made of: “Charlie Crist doesn’t take the best ideas from both parties, he simply puts his finger in the wind and says whatever he thinks will help him win, even if it’s the opposite of what he’s said before. I’m surprised he’s not wearing flip-flops because his beliefs shift with the political tides and are as firm as a sand castle hit by a wave,” said Alex Burgos, Rubio for Senate spokesman.



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