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  • The Wall Street Journal story, “Crist Is Slipping in Bid for Senate” outlines how the Charlie Crist campaign can still see a path to victory, but the headline doesn’t quite fit the latest numbers. According to today’s Quinnipiac poll — which shows Marco Rubio at 46, Crist at 33, and Kendrick Meek at 18 — it’s really the support for the Democratic candidate that is melting away. Speaking of which, former Vice President Al Gore will be stumping for Meek today in Tampa.


  • The St. Petersburg Times reports that GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s company, which was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud, is a textbook example of when service takes a back seat to profits. Literally — it’s featured in a business ethics textbook.


  • Scott’s former primary opponent, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, is diffusing one of the charges Scott is using against Democratic rival Alex Sink.


  • Rumors have swirled for some time that 8th-district incumbent Alan Grayson is secretly behind a third-party candidate in the race — with the alleged goal of splitting the GOP vote aligned against him. Activists are now serving subpoenas, hoping to prove the point. Grayson has cited the timing of the action, mere weeks from the election, as proof that it’s a publicity stunt. He may have a point. But it’s a bit rich to hear Alan Grayson accusing somebody else of theatrics.


  • Jeb Bush on Marco Rubio:


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