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Not the First Time Boxer’s Been Snubbed by the SF Chronicle

One interesting tidbit about the much discussed San Francisco Chronicle editorial: this isn’t the first time the paper’s refused to give Boxer an endorsement. In 1998, the Chronicle opted to endorse GOP candidate Matt Fong instead of Boxer, saying that “a senator from the nation’s largest state should be reaching for major accomplishments. While Boxer’s voting record has been exemplary in many areas — environment, abortion rights, gun control — her influence on Capitol Hill never really reached a level commensurate with the size and economic clout of this state.” The fact that Boxer didn’t lose that election — or the one after — illustrates how difficult it is for a Republican to get elected to a statewide office in California.

In other California news, a LA Times story today reports on the 38-point lead Barbara Boxer has over Carly Fiorina with Hispanic voters. The poll’s earlier results had been questioned by the Fiorina campaign, which said that that the poll was inaccurate in its estimate of what percentage of voters would be Democrat on Election Day.

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