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NRCC Medley: GOP Saturates Airwaves Across Pennsylvania

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has begun its launch to bolster challengers across key congressional districts in Pennsylvania.

The NRCC is hitting television with ads just as the Democratic Congressional Committee announced it was pulling its support of embattled Paul Kanjorski and shaky Chris Carney, of the 11th and 10th Districts, respectively.

PA-8 – Pat Murphy, of Bucks County’s 8th District, north of Philadelphia, is the target of one ad, decrying his support for the Pelosi agenda in the House and his support of the bank bailout.

Mike Fitzpatrick is his Republican opponent. Battle ‘10 spoke with Fitzpatrick in an exclusive interview on Friday.

PA-3 – Kathy Dahlkemper of the northwest 3rd District is another target for supporting “special interests” and for having “sold out,” as well as having supported the Pelosi agenda.

Mike Kelly is her plucky challenger, and Dahlkemper’s seat is seen as highly vulnerable.

PA-11 – Paul Kanjorski gets probably the most harsh treatment, with a narrator intoning, “26 years ago Paul Kanjorski went to Washington. Since then, Kanjorski has become more like them than like us. … Too wrong for too long.”

PA-7 — Bryan Lentz, endorsed by President Obama last week, is condemned in his ad as a “Harrisburg politician” who “makes bad choices” for fiscally irresponsible policies in Pennsylvania.


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