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NRSC Ad Takes on Obama, Democrats: ‘Prove them Wrong’

The National Republican Senatorial Committee targets Democrats by tying them to President Barack Obama saying, “He tried to change what we believe in. He failed.” A litany of the administration’s policies–the stimulus, deficit spending, health care reform–are listed, just before the tone changes to one of Americans “fighting back,” featuring shots of Tea Party rallies quickly intercut with liberty movement candidates like Marco Rubio, Sharron Angle, and Colorado’s Ken Buck:

The NRSC has reserved $3.2 million in TV ad airtime for Buck, among the largest amounts for Tea Party-backed candidates in the country. As Hot Air notes, the amount allocated by the NRSC indicates the neck-and-neck nature of the U.S. Senate race in Colorado, and that a pickup here is not only a possibility, but a top priority.


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