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NRSC Targets Conway

In it’s first television ad of the election cycle, to air later this week, the NRSC goes after Attorney General Jack Conway (D) in Kentucky. Hotline offers some analysis:

There are two ways to look at the NRSC picking Kentucky to air its first IE ad. Republicans insist that ophthalmologist Rand Paul (R) is polling well in the race, and that this isn’t a sign of weakness. Rather, they say, this is part of the NRSC’s strategy to solidify leads in Republican states on the east coast so it can move its money into more competitive races to the west, like Wisconsin, Illinois, Washington and California.

Democrats, on the other hand, rejoiced at news of the ad. They say it is telling that the NRSC is having to go into Kentucky — a seat that was previously held by a Republican in a deep red state. Democrats say that the ad is an indication that for all the talk about taking back the majority, Republicans still have to play defense here. They also note that if the establishment backed candidate in the race, Secretary of State Tray Grayson (R), had defeated Paul in the primary the NRSC probably wouldn’t have had to play here at all.

Check it out:

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