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As NV Gov Race Heats Up, the Gloves Come Off

With recent polls showing Nevada’s gubernatorial race tightening either a little or a lot, both campaigns (and their friends) are playing hardball now. 

The Republican Governor’s Association is reportedly sending anti-Rory Reid mailers to voters in at least one Nevada county. Nevada blogger Dullard Mush received one Friday and said the inside of the piece mentions an unemployment rate “triple the level when Reid took office,” “big increases in government spending,” and “conflicts of interest rampant on the [Clark County] Commission” where Rory Reid serves as chairman.

Here’s the front of the piece:

This morning, Team Rory is out with a web ad that continues to beat the big, bad bank drum. 

Reid fils keeps hammering Sandoval on the issue and says “you may never know” who writes his bank legislation:

Actually, you can know exactly who helped write it in the past, because as pointed out earlier this month on Battle ‘10, Rory Reid works for a law firm — Lionel, Sawyer & Collins — that has numerous big bank clients, and the deregulation bill mentioned in Reid’s attack ad was crafted in part by one of Reid’s own law partners.

Sandoval sponsored Assembly Bill 360 when he was in the state legislature, but according to hearing minutes mined from that year–as well as the Lionel, Sawyer & Collins website–the person responsible for the major prep on the project was Dan Reasor, a partner in Reid’s firm.


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