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NY Times: 10 Questions for Michael Bennet and Ken Buck

CNBC and New York Times political reporter John Harwood interviewed Sen. Michael Bennet and his Republican challenger Ken Buck last week.

Colorado blog WhoSaidYouSaid.com found Bennet’s answer to a question about economic growth and high unemployment problematic, and provided a transcript of Bennet’s answer:

“So, we are starting this new century way behind where we should be. I believe the first decade of this new century was basically a complete waste of time. False economy. And what we need are a set of tax policies and regulatory policies that inspire innovation in this country and make us the most competitive economy in the world. And as long as these politicians in Washington want to keep fighting over stuff that has nothing to do with the facts, we’re not going to get to where we need to be.” [emphasis added]

When asked about his state last November declaring a willingness to “lose your job” over the health care bill, Bennet responded confidently, “I think I’m going to win the seat if that’s the question you’re asking.”

In a second interview, Harwood fired a wide range of questions on various policy points and legislative proposals at Bennet’s Republican rival.

Buck declares his support for the “sacred promise” of Social Security for those in retirement age, but makes no bones about his belief that the health care bill should be repealed. He said it is crucial that the Bush-era tax cuts not be allowed to lapse, saying that President Barack Obama “hasn’t cared about the deficit”–and neither has his opponent, Sen. Bennet:


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