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O’Donnell: I Could Be 41st Vote During Lame Duck Session

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Jennifer Wishon, Christine O’Donnell talked about her senate race, the chance that she could be the 41st vote in the crucial lame duck session — and why she thinks God gave her the strength to continue campaigning.

“I want to be able to go into Washington and be the voice for the everyday person,” said O’Donnell, describing herself as “an average person who earns her living and can’t afford those taxes increases.” She talked about making “the constitution the litmus test for all legislation,” and argued that doing so earlier would have prevented bills such as Obama’s health-care plan from passing.

O’Donnell also spoke about her earlier 2008 senate run, when she faced then-Sen. Joe Biden in the general election. And while, after losing the election, O’Donnell mused that “all logic said it’s time to quit,” she persevered. “God continued to strengthen and empower us,” she said, adding later that “we marched on because we knew God was not releasing us to quit.”

“And now, with such an important lame duck session, you realize why were to endure all that stuff,” O’Donnell continued, speaking about how she could be the “41st vote” immediately following the election. (Because the Delaware race is to fill the seat vacated by Biden in 2008, the winner will be seated right away.)

The interview was taped before O’Donnell decided to stop making national media appearances. Here’s the footage (the O’Donnell interview begins around the 18 minute mark):

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