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O’Donnell: Obamacare Can Be Repealed Before 2012

In a radio interview today, Christine O’Donnell said that it would be possible to repeal Obamacare before 2012.

Talking to Baltimore radio host Tom Marr, O’Donnell said “You’re hearing this cop-out excuse that we can’t repeal Obamacare as long as Obama is in office. That is simply not true. That’s a lazy approach to dealing with this.”

“If the House and the Senate both pass a bill to repeal Obamacare,” said O’Donnell, “and the year before Obama’s reelection he dares to veto it, he dares to thumb his nose to the will of the people, he’s setting himself up to be very vulnerable to a primary challenger.”

While Republicans have discussed refusing to fund Obamacare over the next two years, few seem to think there is a realistic chance that Obama will agree to sign a bill ending the legislation he fought so hard to pass.

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