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OH-1 Gets International Attention

It’s not every day The Economist profiles your race, but that’s precisely what’s happened in the highly competitive race for Ohio’s 1st congressional district seat, between incumbent Rep. Steve Driehaus and Republican challenger Steve Chabot. Here’s the lede:

STEVE DRIEHAUS is ready to speak to old folk at a community centre in Cincinnati’s western suburbs, but their game of bingo is not quite finished and the Democratic congressman has to wait. A woman sidles over to warn that it’s a tough crowd. She is right. Some in the audience are vexed at the $26 billion package of aid for teaching and other jobs that Mr Driehaus and his colleagues in the House recently passed. “It’s another union bail-out!” yells one lady. Mr Driehaus’s suggestion that some of the blame for America’s economic ills lies with the Bush administration does not go down well, either.


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