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Ohio A.M. Amble

Gubernatorial Race

  • To no one’s surprise, John Kasich is picking up endorsements from his own party. He’s going to need them to fire up his base, though, given how close the race is.

  • The stump speeches are flying fast and furious. On the one hand, Strickland goes on the stump at local fairs to (what else) cast himself as an egalitarian champion of the people. On the other hand, Chris Christie calls Strickland “irresponsible” while stumping for John Kasich. And Frances Strickland, Ted Strickland’s wife, sings.

House Races

  • My colleague Bob Costa documents how much good will Mary Jo Kilroy, Democrat of OH-15 has been getting from her colleagues in the House before campaign season. Hey, it has to come from somewhere. And evidently Kilroy’s latest spending idea? Passed.

  • Meanwhile, a liberal student columnist at the Truman State University paper bemoans the excessively negative and distracting campaign tactics…of the Democrats?! Yeah, it’s over. And speaking of campaigning on the issues, Politifact also rates an ad by Republican Tom Ganley of OH-13 entirely “True.” A rare occurrence these days and good news for Ganley.

  • The Toledo Blade is not so happy with the GOP’s challenger in OH-9, Rich Iott.


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