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Ohio Friday Evening Roundup

Gubernatorial Race

  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer releases two internal memos from the Strickland campaign giving a clear view of where the embattled Governor plans to get his election momentum. It’s not particularly encouraging:

“Over the last 4 days, there have been 5 public polls released that show this race in varying degrees of competitiveness,” a memo written for the briefing states. “The disparity among these polls is crazy and we felt the need to release our internal polling to give a true snapshot of the state of the race.”[…]

A companion memo, written by pollster Diane Feldman to campaign manager Aaron Pickrell, says Strickland has several advantages, including his “personal imagery.” She writes voters trust the governor far more than Kasich to put the middle class first. Feldman also says signs suggest that a Republican advantage in turnout could be wrong.

“Conventional wisdom suggests low Democratic turnout this year and our polling has been conservative in the percent of new 2008 voters we include … We are seeing higher than average interest in voting early among Democratic voters, suggesting conventional wisdom and our conservative judgments could prove wrong in Ohio, ” she writes.

Senatorial Race

  • The Wall Street Journal excitedly notes the GOP’s large lead in Ohio.

  • And Rob Portman wins the support of the Ohio Farm Bureau:

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation today announced its support for Rob Portman’s U.S. Senate campaign.

“Rob Portman has been a strong friend to Ohio’s farmers, and we’re proud to support him as Ohio’s next U.S. Senator,” said Brent Porteus, President of the Ohio Farm Bureau. “Rob has the right ideas to get Ohio’s economy moving again, and he will continue to support smart policies to help protect and strengthen Ohio’s agriculture industry. We look forward to working with Rob Portman as our next U.S. Senator.”

“I am proud to have the support of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation,” said Rob Portman. “Ohio’s farmers are a tremendous asset to our state, and as Ohio’s next U.S. Senator, I will continue fighting for Ohio’s farmers and ag-related businesses to ensure their strength and success. Ohio’s agriculture industry cannot afford Washington’s job-killing policies like the cap-and-trade energy tax that will further harm our economy.”

Agriculture is Ohio’s number one industry with 75,000 farms contributing $98 billion to the state’s economy. The National Association of Manufacturers estimates that the cap-and-trade energy tax that passed in the U.S. House of Representatives would increase Ohio households’ energy costs and could cost Ohio up to 100,000 jobs by 2035.

House Races

  • The Christian Science Monitor bemoans the rise of the “Youtube Ambush” in OH-16.

  • Several Democrats are embarrassed by the presence of foreign-manufactured goods at a “Jobs Rally”:

China was singled out several times as a jobs snatcher.

After the Sept. 7 event was covered by local media came dozens of e-mails, phone calls and a tirade on MSNBC.

Attendees told the Akron Beacon Journal that while speakers lamented the loss of U.S. jobs, they distributed T-shirts made in Mexico and Honduras.

And the goodie bag that contained the shirts was made in China.

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s (D-OH) bill, H.R. 2039, the Congressional Made in America Promise Act, passed in the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 371-36. The bill will extend Buy American Act requirements for federal agencies to apply to the legislative branch and aims to ensure that all of the products purchased by the U.S. House of Representatives and the United States Senate are American-made.


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