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Ohio Monday Evening Roundup

Gubernatorial Race

  • Ted Strickland finally distinguishes his stance on taxes from John Kasich’s by coming out for…tax credits. Unlike Kasich, he doesn’t have the stomach to say “tax cuts.” 

  • Both campaigns are kicking into high gear, and trotting out some new faces to campaign for them. Strickland’s giving his wife more focus (she being the subject of two profiles), while Kasich is eschewing the woman’s touch and instead going for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Battle ‘10 will be on hand to blog their live webcast together tomorrow.

Senate Race

  • The newly created Wesleyan Media Project in Middletown, Connecticut, releases data on money spent in Senate and House races. To no one’s surprise, Republican money matches GOP enthusiasm, with most of the big spenders leaning Republican.

  • And that third-party money is making a huge dent in Democrats’ election prospects, according to National Journal. Most interestingly for our purposes, special focus is given to the Ohio and Illinois Senate races. This has led some left-wing shills for Ted Strickl–I mean third-party watchdog groups in Ohio to complain.

  • Time is also concerned that Republicans actually seem to be discrediting the meme that they’re evil Wall Street-loving outsourcers who eat kittens for a living. John Kasich and Rob Portman are two of the three cited examples.

  • The narrative in the media has also shifted — Portman is all but guaranteed to win if present conditions persist. RCP and Commentary both point this out.

  • But Portman isn’t stopping. He goes on a new attack against Lee Fisher for allowing Ohio to lose most of its jobs to other states rather than other countries, an attack which the Cleveland Plain Dealer rates “mostly true.” Meanwhile, Plunderbund, Ohio’s answer to the Daily Kos, thinks that quibbling about numbers is going to make the problem go away.

House Races

  • Steve Driehaus, Democrat of OH-1, is getting lots of support from defense contractors.

  • Meanwhile, the Columbus Dispatch points out that third-party candidates are crawling out of the woodwork all over Ohio.

  • And because the last bill tampering with the health care system was so popular, Mary Jo Kilroy of OH-15 is trying to put through another one.


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