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Ohio Monday Morning Roundup

Gubernatorial Race

Senatorial Race

  • One sign you’re capturing everyone’s imagination on the right: S.E. Cupp of the Daily Caller interviews you. Rob Portman gets the Cupp treatment today with some…interesting questions.

  • Portman also takes his campaign to his base, hitting rural Ohio extensively.

House Races

  • $5.6 million in TV Ads are set to broadcast over the next two weeks, with the majority of it being in Ohio, and one of the biggest contenders being Steve Chabot, Republican challenger to Steve Driehaus of OH-1.

  • A letter in the Toledo Blade calls Republican Rich Iott of OH-9 the first credible challenger to incumbent Democrat Marcy Kaptur in 28 years.

  • And Charlie Wilson, incumbent Democrat of OH-6, wants everyone to know that he is not a Cap and Trader. Srsly. He even attends a pro-coal rally to prove it.


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