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Ohio Morning Roundup

Gubernatorial Race

  • The New York Times comments on a recent legal attack by the Democratic Governors’ Association against John Kasich and Fox News:

The Democratic Governors Association filed an elections complaint on Thursday in Ohio alleging that the Fox News illegally helped the Republican nominee for governor solicit funds. The association says Fox allowed John Kasich to request contributions from viewers during an Aug. 18 broadcast and displayed the address of his campaign Web site. The complaint alleges the free publicity is an improper campaign contribution. A Fox spokeswoman said that the network had not yet been served the complaint and that she could not comment.

Pointing to Kasich’s previous relationship with Lehman Brothers, Strickland portrayed his opponent as a man who was not only out of touch with middle class America but as one who conducts himself in an elitist way.

Strickland’s speech gained momentum as he accused Kasich of hiding his tax records, which Strickland said shows Kasich earned approximately $1,000 an hour as a fellow at Ohio State University. He then criticized Kasich’s proposed plan to privatize the Department of Development, which Strickland said would allow for runaway salaries that would be shielded from public scrutiny.

Senatorial Race

  • Republican Senate Candidate Rob Portman declines to debate Democrat Lee Fisher on Meet the Press:

Four years ago on the program, Ohio Republican U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine and his re-election challenger, Democratic U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown, offered political junkies a zesty and testy TV debate.

It was a refreshing encounter, thanks to the show’s looser format than the rigid and safe set-ups candidates work so hard to secure.

DeWine and Brown, traded insults, interrupted each other and disagreed throughout the 35-minute debate. The brawl was a draw — but Brown won the more important election.

This year, Portman — the Republican candidate and former congressman and top adviser to President George W. Bush — is playing it safe. He is refusing the invitation from NBC’s national Sunday program.

UPDATE: Fisher declined to go on Meet the Press as well.

  • …And it’s hurting Fisher more than Portman, as the Daily Caller describes the growing failure of Lee Fisher:

Republican Rob Portman’s polling lead in Ohio over Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher has grown from an average of 1.8 percent in mid-August to 6.7 percent, as of Thursday evening. Just in the last week, Portman has gained two points in the Real Clear Politics average.

House Races

  • Steve Chabot, Republican challenger in OH-1, is out with his first ad (embedded below):



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