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Ohio Wednesday Evening Roundup

Gubernatorial Race

  • Jim Geraghty over at the Campaign Spot explains the reason for John Kasich’s recent neck-and-neck polling with Ted Strickland in simple terms: Kasich just hasn’t bought any TV airtime relative to Strickland. Get ready for a big push next month.

  • And Mother Jones foolishly asks the question of whether Strickland is recovering. No, he isn’t. His own poll numbers haven’t moved one bit. Real Clear Politics can back me up on this one.

  • Meanwhile, Strickland, the supposedly anti-money, pro-education governor, guts college funding while profiting from the green-energy racket…I mean industry. All this while accusing Kasich of being insufficiently pro-energy. Ah, the Mendacity of Hope.

Senate Race

  • Rob Portman gets establishmentarian, which he can afford to do, given his high poll numbers. And given the picture Talking Points Memo paints of the Ohio Senate race, he’s perhaps can afford to coast for the next few weeks.

House Races

  • Steve Driehaus is angry that the Susan B. Anthony List is calling him out on supporting Obamacare. City Beat analyzes the charges.

  • Steve Stivers and Mary Jo Kilroy of OH-15 make USA Today as a House grudge match to watch. This as JP Morgan Chase is doing its best to hold job fairs in Columbus and Cleveland. By contrast, Kilroy’s just voting for more spending to try and wring jobs out of the private sector. I wonder how that anti-corporate narrative Kilroy, Strickland and Fisher are peddling sounds…

  • Meanwhile, Marcy Kaptur of OH-9, votes to adjourn Congress without dealing with the Bush tax cuts. Good luck sounding pro-business now, congresswoman.

  • And Betty Sutton sits down with some famous “progressive” names for a press conference.


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