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Paul Kanjorski: I Saved America (and the World)

Paul Kanjorski, forever-incumbent in Pennsylvania’s 11th district, is running a hard campaign against Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta, the man who was among the first to raise illegal immigration as a national problem in his city. Polls put this race in the “very competitive” category, but things could be tough for Barletta.

Kanjorski, after all, did save the world.

In the world according to Paul Kanjorski, his vote for serial bailouts of mortgage giants, investment banks, and mortgage lenders helped saved the United States from disintegration and the world from collapse.

A financial collapse would have been worse than the 1930s Depression, he said. Nobel Prize winners warned lawmakers the economy would regress by centuries and law enforcement officials said personal liberties couldn’t be guaranteed, he added.

“They basically said we couldn’t provide for law and order,” Kanjorski said. “If we didn’t do what we did we wouldn’t be in the United States today. It would have brought the entire government down.” [emphasis added]

Well, if Nobel Prize winners said so…


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