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Pennsylvania Tea Party Principles, from Tea Party Principals

Anastasia Przybylski and Ana Puig aren’t the type of women you’d expect to be leading a revolution, but in Buck County’s leafy borough of Doylestown, an hour north of Philadelphia, they’re doing just that.

As the heads of the Kitchen Table Patriots, they are some of the very few tea party leaders who have set up shop – literally – with a two-story office, laptops, iPhones, and an independent get-out-the-vote volunteer effort in advance of Election Day.

Battle ’10 spoke with both women on the occasion of the inauguration of their “People’s Headquarters.”

Theirs is one of six such centers that have opened across the nation – another is in Western Pennsylvania – thanks to the resources and coordination of a Virginia-based non-profit called American Majority Action.

Puig and Przybylski say their focus is on “restoring the Republic,” while emphasizing their avoidance of “social issues” at a time when most voters are concerned about the economy.

Their goals extend beyond election day and include efforts to impact local politics through school boards and local-government committees.

Battle ’10 covered the inauguration of the center earlier this week, and interviewed the Kitchen Table Patriots earlier this month.


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