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Portman Leading Fisher by 7 in Latest PPP Polling

Firedoglake reposts the results here:

Republican Rob Portman currently holds a seven point lead over Democrat Lee Fisher in the race for the open Ohio Senate seat according to the newest PPP poll of likely voters.

PPP (PDF) (8/27-29) Lee Fisher 38 Rob Portman 45 Undecided 18

The problem for Fisher is serious enthusiasm gap and projected weak Democratic turnout. While Obama won the state by four points in 2008, the individual who say they are planning to vote this year November went for John McCain by a three points margin.

Weak Democratic enthusiasm is not surprising given the poor state of the economy in Ohio, 10.4% unemployment, and that only 41% of likely voters approve of Obama’s job performance while 54% disapprove. The big health care law which dominated Congressional Democrats time for a large part of Obama’s first two years is also deeply unpopular, only 37% support it while 53% oppose it.


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