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Quick Hits from Nevada

  • There are now 39 days left before the general election.

  • The Sunlight Foundation has added up independent expenditures to date in both the NV-3 and Senate races. Total independent expenditures in the Titus-Heck race: $2,231,470.

  • The not-tiny total in the Senate race: $3,324,958.00.

  • Reid has had far more spent on beating him (just over $1.2 million) than has been spent against Angle ($683,000). In general, groups like the Democrat surrogate Patriot Majority and the GOP’s American Crossroads have obviously decided they can be most effective with negative ads because that is all we’ve seen from them all season.

  • Even more notably, independent expenditures in support of Reid total $20,420 compared to $1,136,127 for Angle. Apparently the independent groups are content to let Reid, who has millions in his campaign coffers, spend his own money on horn-tooting. 

  • Jon Ralston tweeted earlier about a potential shocker coming in our two Reid races: “Respected national GOP pollster did survey this week for large biz group: H[arry] Reid by 5, R[ory] Reid trails by 6.”

  • The unintended consequences of health care reform in Nevada’s insurance provider community. With health care policy at the center of Nevada’s political debates and being used as a wedge issue to try to win votes, expect to see this information in a political ad soon.

  • Conservative talk radio host and ex-San Diego mayor Roger Hedgecock likes Sharron Angle.


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