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Rasmussen Poll Has Reid, Angle Down Two Points and Still Tied

The new Rasmussen numbers on Nevada’s senate race have Harry Reid and Sharron Angle tied at 45 percent. Five percent say they prefer another candidate and six percent are still undecided. A poll two weeks ago had Reid and Angle tied at 47 percent each.


According to Rasmussen trending, Reid has gone from 39 percent just after the primary to 41 percent in late June, 43 percent in early July, 45 percent in late July and 47 in mid-August. 

Angle was at 50 percent coming off her primary win, then fell to 48 percent in late June, 46 percent in early July, and 43 percent in late July. She then had a small bounce and was at 47 percent in mid-August.

Ninety-two percent of Angle’s supporters and 85 percent of Reid voters now say they are certain of their vote this November.


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