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Recap: Pat Toomey’s One-Man Debate

Ted Koppel, esteemed former host of Nightline, had it easy last night in Hershey. What was supposed to be a lively debate between Senate contenders Pat Toomey and Joe Sestak became a one-man show.


Pat Toomey was alone on stage with an open mic after Sestak announced last week that he would be ducking the debate to attend a fundraiser in western Pennsylvania with John Kerry and Teresa Heinz.

So, free to promote his campaign philosophy, Toomey and Koppel sat down for an hour to a state-wide audience via cable broadcast.

Some video of the “debate:”

Let’s hope the money was worth it for Sestak. Down in the polls between 5 to 10 points, Sestak is hedging on the hopes that a cash influx will improve his flagging candidacy more than a television appearance could.

Not even fellow Democrat (and outgoing Governor) Ed Rendell went easy on him for skipping the debate. Rendell told reporters yesterday he thought Sestak should have debated Toomey.

Or, as Salena Zito of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review summed it up:


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