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Reid, Angle Still in Dead Heat

The new Mason-Dixon poll shows Harry Reid and Sharron Angle still neck-and-neck. Reid has support from 46 percent of respondents compared to 44 percent for Angle. The numbers are virtually the same as the poll taken two weeks ago when the two candidates were at 45-45. Results from both polls fall within the margin of error of plus or minus four points.

Reid’s unfavorables are at 52 percent. Angle’s sit at 46 percent, up three points from the last poll, but her favorables also increased by three points during that time.

Six percent of voters said they were undecided, while three percent chose “none of these candidates” and one percent opted for another candidate.

Party turnout will be king on election day, as always, along with non-partisan voters who will in all likelihood decide the race depending upon how they break. Among non-partisans, Angle is leading Reid, 42-33, with 11 percent of those voters undecided, 10 percent choosing “none” and four percent choosing others.

Early voting starts in five weeks.


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